Mass Effect – Prothean Beacon

Created as an exercise in super short filmmaking, and using some film SFX Makeup, VFX and Prop Making techniques for the first time.

Mass Effect: Prothean Beacon

Starring Thomasin Lockwood as Ensign Renn Maughan

Sophie Barker as Arla T’Sarl

Sammy Measom as Jake Rowe

Written and Directed By Nicholas Winter

Costume by Robyn Manton

Makeup By Danielle Everitt

Music by Greg Harwood

Sound by Jeet Thakrar

1st Assistant Camera Adam Cameron King

VFX Roto Talha Rana

Assistant Producer Lucinda Rhodes

Costume Assistants Lily Beven & Roisin Straver

Makeup Assistant Rae Morris

With help from Robert Flower, Colicia Summers, Toyah Frantzen, Aimee Garner and Elena Stephenson


Shot with the Panasonic GH5 @ 24FPS in 4K , VFX in Adobe After Effects & Foundry’s NUKE, Colour Grade in DaVinci Resolve

Below –

Storyboards, concepts and behind the scenes.


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