Lost A Girl











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Solid Flesh

Our new project that is currently in the early casting stages

When H returns from her studies to find her father dead and her brother, Charlie, set on celebrating she is dragged along in a visceral night of hedonism. Suspicious of her old friends’ motives and uncomfortable to be back she struggles to face up to her unnatural feelings and desires.

With friends and enemies seemingly intent on self destruction and an alcoholic mother, just returned from the sun, H finds herself lost in a mental pit of revenge, deceit and self-doubt. As drink and drugs flow, the sordid past comes back to haunt H and Charlie with the promise of a love they thought had died.



Starring Ricci Harnett (Rise of the Footsoldier), Zara Dawson (Down to Earth), Lee Otway (Hollyoaks), Tom Bennett (Phone Shop) ‘Breathe’ is an urban drama. For more information on Breathe please go to HERE


Early Shorts

‘Lo-Fi’ and ‘Paparazzi’
A great stepping stone in production methods for the company as a whole. The shoot, employing the use of two cameras and shooting multiple takes of scripted and improvised dialogue was a busy and productive melting pot of ideas and subsequently produced a very good quality, low budget short film, which then went onto enjoy over 18 months at various festivals culminating in its purchase by SKY channel Propeller TV. The license for broadcast for Lo-Fi has just been renewed for the US and Canada, so it continues to be shown sporadically to this day!

‘Paparazzi’ proved a great training ground and a few notable firsts for Porcelain Film. The first foray into high definition digital acquisitions and workflow as well as the first film produced by Gina Lyons.

The company combined the budget of Paparazzi to improve upon its post production infrastructure, allowing costly post production work to be done in-house, creating the all important gateways for creative control and technical access to film making facilities.