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Carol Bailey is buckling under the weight of financial pressure, family responsibilities and his own ambition and desires. After endless parties, too many dead-end jobs and family arguments, Bailey becomes Self-Destructive. Resorting to violence and severing all ties of friendship and love, Bailey enters a world where his friends are unable to follow. After a self-imposed exile Bailey returns to London to apologise, things have changed. Not everyone is sympathetic to his sudden re-appearance and there are others who will stop at nothing to make Bailey’s life a living hell. Faced with a relationship lost amongst affluence and drug-fueled parties, Bailey must accept his own limitations and confront the demons of his past.


The debut feature from Writer/Director Nicholas Winter

Winner Best Director 2010 London Independent Film Festival

Film on location in central London


Every shooting day used a different location.




Nicholas Winter
Ricci Harnett, Zara Dawson, Lee Otway, Tom Bennett
Tech Specs:
2.35:1 HD 1080P 5.1 Canon Cameras and Lenses


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