The Imposters

The Imposters

Maya has just split from her long-term girlfriend and meets the enigmatic Hattie. Together they travel to Hattie’s house, and Maya is impressed with Hattie’s success and attitude towards life. They fall for each other, but soon, things begin to unravel as Maya realises that Hattie is perhaps not who she says she is, and everything is not as it seems.

The Imposters

A new film from the award-winning screenplay by Nicholas Winter.

Music By Melissa Guerison

Sound Design Charlie Braham

Sound Mix Andrew Swallow

Starring Marie Everett, Chynna Walker, Tegan Mordt, Amanda Michaud, Julia Haworth and Annie Roberts

Nicholas Winter
Marie Everett, Chynna Walker, Tegan Mordt, Julia Haworth, Amanda Michaud
Tech Specs:
2.:1 Aspect Sony Cameras, Zeiss Lenses


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