WAR Blade

(picture above for reference only – definitely not historically accurate!)

Short Synopsis

Banks, an agent of the British SOE, is tasked with rescuing a French resistance fighter from a hidden Nazi bunker. With the help of a German Nurse and a ragtag group of allies, Banks must journey to the belly of the beast. With his commanders already suspecting the bunker to hold much more than prisoners and a group full of fragile personalities to deal with, Banks faces dangers from all fronts.

Always outnumbered and outgunned, Banks and his group must use their guile to outwit the enemy and survive the deadly mission.


Ivy has inherited the leadership of a small band of French resistance fighters. Tough but fair in most situations, Ivy is naturally suspicious of any outsiders. She’s tough, brave and flawed. Lacking experience and patience, she’s quick to react to volatile situations.

Details – Filming in Suffolk £200/day + Accommodation.

Our final call for this role! Please double-check the dates as stated, and make sure you will be available before applying. 4th to 22nd AUGUST 2022

Accepting Self-tapes until Wed 27th of JULY

Self-tape sides HERE

If you have more questions – please email nick @ porcelainfilm.com (without the gaps!)


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